And So It Goes…#815

Slowly but surely the screw is being turned against those forces opposed to the implementation of #Brexit. Prime Minister May’s Tory Conference speech could not have been any more forthright and unequivocal on the matter. The Labour Party however, even with Corbyn putatively in charge, has in fact adopted the previous #LabourIn EU Referendum campaigning position of rejecting #Brexit and that has been made abundantly clear from Corbyn’s own utterances on the pressing issue of continued unrestricted competition in the national labour market. As on all contentious issues and in all forms of political struggle,the essential principles of one ‘s arguments need to be restated as often as time and opportunity allows. I emailed what remains of my local /regional newspapers on 29 September and hey presto,on October 7 -without any redactions,the Wakefield Express published:-

Jeremy Corbyn’s revival of the migrant impact fund to mitigate the effects of uncontrolled immigration is an insult to the very workers he claims to represent and whose support he seeks. Not everything can be solved by throwing money at it. It may come as a surprise to him that ordinary working people aspire to more than just a job, a home, the NHS and social services. They can think beyond the day-to-day struggle to survive. The Brexit vote proved that they are active participants in their own destiny, wishing to have control over their lives, their future and that of their communities, and the direction of their country.
The “freedom” of movement of labour is double-edged: not only does it put pressure on wages, working conditions and social services of the countries receiving the immigrant labour, it also hollows out the countries the immigrant labour left, draining them of their major asset – the working population.
You need only read the Polish Government’s official data on their unemployment rates.In 2003, the year before Poland’s accession to the EU,official unemployment stood at a little over 20%. In 2015 it stood at a little over 8%..The EU’s ” freedom of movement ” is a gigantic exercise in rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic. Current aggregated official unemployment across all 28 member states stands at over 30 millions.
Re-asserting national sovereignty and  putting the British people to the front of the queue of the political agenda isn’t a Brexit option,it is an absolute necessity.

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