And So It Goes…#821

I launched this missive earlier today posting it to the Wakefield Express.It concerns the local Labour MP, Mary Creagh one of the 200 seditionist #LabourIn MPs,who is particularly woefully out of touch with her constituents,and a 2015 failed Labour leadership contender who couldn’t get enough endorsements to get on the ballot,unlike J.Corbyn who eventually did.
Today at 10:50
Sir- You  might find this to be of local interest given the Express’ Politically speaking column.I’m sure the Wakey electorate – with whom our MP has been shown to be wildly out of step and at odds with-would like to read a coherent and plausible explanation for this.
Yours sincerely,
Louis Kasatkin
.#MaryCreagh one of the 203 MPs (1 of 54 from Labour ) named in this article.
This decision to appoint a crook to the Justice committee is one of parliament’s most shameful acts in recent years – and the Tories are the ones responsible…
On September 6,2016 the Labour supporting Mirror newspaper reported :-
Keith Vaz has resigned as chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee.
It comes after the Sunday Mirror revealed he had paid for sex with escorts in a flat he owns near his family home in London.
As chairman of the powerful Commons panel, Mr Vaz has publicly said he was “not convinced” that men who pay for sex should face prosecution.
But within weeks of a report from his committee, he himself paid money to escorts in a flat he owns near his family home in Edgware, North West London..
Clearly there is nothing further to be gained by expressing displeasure at the wantonly hubristic behaviour of the benchwarming rabble whose only response is to continually thumb their snouts up at the rest of us.

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