And So it Goes…#822

Imagine,if you will that we’re in that period of History commonly referred to as the English Civil War.Or maybe we could rewind to a century or so earlier to Henry VIII’s Reformation. Imagine the rhetoric used, the very language of political debate and argument hurled back and forth amongst the contending parties. All things can be viewed and misinterpreted by the application of hindsight, but you get the feeling that they used to be a great deal less squeamish about calling a spade a spade. The lower-middle class aspiring conformist version of what passes for contemporary popular political discourse is so trite as to be anodyne. Even when it momentarily aspires to hyperbole as with the Daily Mail . #Brexit has gone the way it was always going to go.Into the Courts, mired in pretentious legalism and subject to the attenuated pontifications of the metropolitan elite dressed in their gowns. The UK electorate’s verdict of 23 June and Her Majesty’s Government’s duty to carry out that decision remain unchanged. The Daily Telegraph of 4 November reports on the government’s appeal to the Supreme Court challenging the high Court’s ruling of November 3.

The full Supreme Court – comprising 11 judges – will hear the case, reportedly on December 7, for the first time in his (sic) history.

For my money, the sooner we fully reinvigorate popular political discourse and wholly unshackle it from the restraints of political correctness and from cloying middle class faux-politeness,the better it will be.  November 3 is a day that shall live in infamy, a day when #JudasJudges pimped out democracy at the behest of their metropolitan masters,granting a specious legitimacy to the seditionist rabble of #LabourIn and their 48% Remain Axis partners. ” Venceremos Brexit! “



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