And So It Goes..#823

On Thursday 23rd. June I went to bed fully persuaded that,much as I wanted it to, #Brexit wasn’t going to happen and that on waking up on the morning of Friday 24th. I’d be assailed by the smug triumphalist tones of Remainers on Radio 4. Waking much earlier than usual,I turned the radio on and.. History had happened.

Pretty much the same routine occurred last night. I woke up around 02:00 GMT Wednesday 9th. November was dawning with self-confident,self-satisfied Democrat Party notables and appartchiks foretelling the inevitability of a Clinton coronation.

Getting back to sleep with an oh well,never mind,World War 3’s on its way then, I looked forward to carrying on with the quotidian when I got up nearer my regular time. And then, History happened,again.

June 24 gave me an epiphany and that was repeated around 06.30 this very morning.

The US establishment elites and the incumbent political class and the Commentariat and all the experts just got hammered into the ground,again just as their counterparts were on June 23 in Great Britain.

Joy unspeakable, or nearly so! Not that our indigenous antidemocratic,anti working class seditionist law breaking scum such as #LabourIn and their Remain Axis partners wasted any time at all on BBC Radio 4 in slandering and heaping opprobrium onto the newly elected President Trump and all those who voted for him.

C’est la guerre. Hubris is bad enough, but with the failed multiculturalist,open borders, EU¬†supremacist,pro-sodomite,unborn child murdering,PC labour/liberal metropolitan elites hubris is endemic.

All their toys from all of their prams have been launched,yet again at a World and a Historic sea change from which they have been excluded.

The World is ours now.

#BrexitBritain #PresidentTrump and let’s make it schadenfreude all the way. LePen in 2017!!





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