And So It Goes…#825

The 48% ( for ease of reference ), that voted Remain on June 23rd. in the EU Referendum,have actively propagated the idea that those of the 52% who voted Leave are largely stupid,ignorant,uneducated,provincial ( almost exclusively Northern ) homophobic, islamophobic, racist, xenophobes. I’m only too happy to be identified as embodying all of those traits if, in the interests of balance and fairness, the 200 MPs of #LabourIn and their Remain Axis partners are equally happy to be pilloried for being the mendacious,antidemocratic,pro-sodomite,unborn child murdering,seditionist garbage that they in fact are. Which all in all doesn’t get any of us anywhere. Then again it is the calculated intention of the #LabourIn Eurozealots to systematically de-legitimise, undermine and eventually overturn the verdict given by the Electorate on 23 June.  The Referendum was conducted at the behest of Parliament as a UK wide vote.The UK is a single,united political entity. No-one has ever argued that, for instance the losing parties in a UK General election call for the Secession of those constituencies which voted for them or that the consequences of the other party gaining a majority are to be ignored in all matters pertaining to their own constituencies or that even the result itself wasn’t legitimate and therefore another corrective general Election had to be called immediately. And yet this is precisely what the ” 48% ” antidemocratic rabble have done and are continuing to do at every opportunity on every conceivable issue. The fantastically deluded SNP -led regional administration in Edinburgh has gone all out secessionist and has even tried and serially failed to engage with sovereign EU states in intergovernmental negotitations and have themselves sought for international diplomatic recognition. That is the measure thus far of their utter imbecility and hubris. In a former,kinder Age,the Sedition Act 1661 would have been antedote enough for such lamentable clowns. Then there’s Northern Ireland and the antics of the former Kneecappers& Granny Shooters Association aka the Provos aka Sinn Gay Rights&Abortion Feinn. What the turf cutters and the marsbar friers have in common is that,yes as a geographical segment of the UK Polity as a whole, Scotland and Northern Ireland did record a localised pro-Remain majority. As did that other metastasising quasi-regional faux-entity Greater London. :-

24 Jun 2016 – Most London boroughs voted to remain in the EU – bucking the national trend. Across all 33 boroughs in the capital, 59.9% (2.26 million) voted in favour of remaining in the EU. … Barking and Dagenham, Bexley, Sutton, Havering and Hillingdon were the only areas to support Brexit.
To be precise.
Heck,they even staged a ” London is Open ” conference the other day just to let the EU-sympathising 48% Remain world know that mass islamophobic xenophobia hadn’t shut London down. Run by the seditionist #LabourIn  Daesh apologist Mayor Sadiq Khan, the metropolitan Wannsee conference on how to eliminate the Brexit problem,had lots of academicians and metropolitan domiciled bien pensants reinventing the Queen’s English to mean the opposite of what they thought and meant. Especially on the EU’s fundamental principle of neoliberal freedom of movement for workers.  Hre’s one such classic caught on twitter on the day.
Need to be sensitive about language and discourse – integration loaded and need to be clear on social meaning& interpretation.
This is not going to end well at all, least of all for them.

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