And So It Goes…#826

Organised and ideologically driven antidemocratic seditionists are behaving in a consistent, co-ordinated fashion on both sides of the Atlantic when it comes to de-legitimising and seeking to overturn the results of the EU Referendum and the Presidential Elections respectively. For example, the content and tone of the language they both utilise in their vituperative hyperbole in slandering and defaming all those who voted for the winning argument in the EU Referendum and those who voted for the winning candidate in the Presidential Election, could not be more apparent. The self-referencing  ” 48% ” of the Remain campaign wish simply to have the Referendum result annulled by any means whatsoever. In the USA, the Democratic Party wants likewise the Election of Donald Trump annulled by any means whatsoever.  It is worth taking note of the constitutional complexities in the US as distinct from the less than iron clad constitutional arrangements for plebiscites in the UK.

The United States Electoral College is established by Article Two of the United States Constitution to select the President of the United States and Vice President. Citizens of the United States vote in each state at a general election to choose a slate of “electors” pledged to vote for a party’s candidate.[2][3] The candidates who receive an absolute majority of electoral votes among the states are elected President and Vice President of the United States when the Electoral College vote is certified by Congress. Gleaned from Wikipaedia is this dissertation on The Electoral College:-

There are currently a total of 538 electors, corresponding to the 435 Representatives, the 100 Senators, plus three electors for the District of Columbia as provided for in the Twenty-third Amendment. Each state chooses electors amounting to the combined total of its U.S. senators and representatives.[4] The Constitution bars any federal official, elected or appointed, from being an elector.

All states except Maine and Nebraska have chosen electors on a “winner-take-all” basis since the 1880s.[5] Under the winner-take-all system, the state’s electors are awarded to the candidate with the most votes in that state. Maine and Nebraska use the “congressional district method”, selecting one elector within each congressional district by popular vote and awarding two electors by a statewide popular vote.[6] Although no elector is required by federal law to honor their pledge, there have been very few occasions when an elector voted contrary to a pledge .

And that’s how it functions.And all parties accept this. Except that now there is an official attempt within the US Senate from the Democratic Party side to abolish the Electoral College! The ” argument ” as specious and dissembling as the day is long, is predicated on the notion of  “The popular vote “. The Democratic Party’s ideological reference point is the strongly contested outcome of the Presidential Election of 2000 AD. The Electoral college was in effect deadlocked and Al Gore had polled more aggregated votes than G.W.Bush at the ballot box. It appears that Clinton has done likewise vis a vis Trump at the ” ballot box “, whereas unlike Bush, Trump got a comfortable majority over Clinton in the Electoral College.

Logically and rationally there ought not to be the slightest basis for any kind of quasi-judicial or administrative challenge to or doubt cast upon the result. Donald Trump will be the next president of the USA. But reason and logic only serve as a basis for democratic politics just as long as the ideologues of globalism & PC multiculturalism deem it necessary and convenient. And in the UK and USA and indeed in many other ” advanced western democracies “, the metropolitan domiciled globalist elites no longer find the verdict of sovereign democratic electorates either convenient nor legitimate.

The formerly prevailing notions of ” Left ” and ” Right ” were long ago made redundant, primarily by the cessation of the non- ” Cold War ” and the consequent dissolution of the USSR and other post WW2 socialist states. The real dichotomy that is now the dynamic engine of ideological discourse and popular political disputation revolves around the Sovereign Nation State v. Globalisation and its discredited corollary, multiculturalism and diversity. The historic triumph of #Brexit is the the most immediate and starkest expression of this existential struggle. The defeat and long overdue demise of that harridan Clinton replicated to a large degree what #Brexit first realised, the practical re-ordering of political allegiances and tribal loyalties.

Our New day has already dawned!! the Men of Action have returned.


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