And So It Goes..#828

A couple of days ago,worldwide mainstream media platforms were alive with the ” news ” that the European Union’s ” Parliament ”  called for the suspension of EU membership talks with Turkey. 479 in favor, 37 against, 107 abstentions. Scary.

The parliament is the most moribund and redundant of all the multi-headed EU Hydra’s appendages.  The Hydra that constitutes that monumental obscenity of international politics, the European Union. Kleptocracy, nepotism,corruption and incompetence are its true four fundamental characteristics. Quite what business its dysfunctional castrato chamber of deputies- manque has in censuring the sovereign,democratic nation state of Turkey – or anywhere else for that matter – is beyond the intellectual capacity of most sentient and rational beings on this planet to comprehend.  EP ( european parliament ) has pretensions way beyond its capacities ever to realise them.It may as a body, scrutinise and debate and recommend but it does so void of any institutional power and authority. The one thing EP does do with remarkable alacrity, devoid of any grasp or understanding of global Realpolitik, is pass Motions declaring this,that and t’other. The failing,western pluralist democratic consensus around neoliberalism, neoCon military intervention and dishing out economic sanctions is at the very heart of EP. Sovereign nation states such as Turkey are deemed to be ” out of order ” for acting in the defence of  their own legitimate interests. Arresting newspaper editors, closing oppositional TV stations ,restricting the rights of communities openly colluding with terrorist insurgents might all be ” unacceptable ” to the political classes and Commentariat in Sweden or Germany, but what exactly the hell else do they expect from a government headed by President Erdogan?  The only mystery here is why does the leadership in Turkey persist with an essentially delusional policy of wishing to join and integrate with the european union? An orientation toward the nascent Shanghai Cooperation Organisaton of China,Russia and four former central Asian soviet republics would make far more sense. There you go. Oh and since the USA and its EUNATO satrapies extirpated Saddam Hussain’s Iraq and Qadaffi’s Libya and just about did the same to Assad’s Syria, the only bulwark against totally catastrophic unrestricted mass migration into continental europe is now to all practical intents and purposes, Erdogan’s Turkey. Game on European Parliament!


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