And So It Goes…#829

Boy are the PC-indoctrinated, metropolitan domiciled “elites ” smarting! They still haven’t managed to calm down from the 23rd. June EU Referendum. And across the Big Pond the same moaning,whining drivel can be heard just as loud and clear from the American PC lobby and its acolytes. MSM ( mainstream media ) has been awash with contrived facts and figures and supposed eye-witness tales of incidents wholly inimical to the Gospel of Liberalism. Racism, Xenophobia, Islamophobia,Homophobia; you can apparently even have expressions of transphobia,whatever that it is meant to be; the point is all those Thought Crimes have escalated in numerical magnitude since the EU Referendum in the UK and since the Election of Donald Trump in the USA. None of the aforementioned manifestations of ” phobia ” has actually occurred, none of the ” reports ” turned out to be true. #LabourIn, the official antidemocratic,seditionist campaign to annul #Brexit comprising 200 Labour Party MPs has been at the forefront of the longest and most divisive co-ordinated campaign of slander and vilification of the British Working Class in modern history. That much is undeniably true. Not a single commentator,academic,politician or PC indoctrinated leftist/liberal atheistic bigot is intellectually capable of answering the central query on the ” need ” for the freedom of movement of labour within the EU and outside of it, namely  ” Unrestricted competition in the labour market is beneficial for British workers because..?”. There ain’t no because, because migration/immigration/freedom of movement of labour is simply the practical implementation of the commodification of human labour,which is an objective capitalist economic necessity whereby labour is made continually available at the lowest possible price to the capitalist. As if THEY didn’t know!


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