And So It Goes…#830

Elections, referendums* (* referenda is the correct Latin plural,but we’re not in Ancient Rome ) here there and every bleedin’ where. The thing with Democracy is that you can never have too much of it. Back in the 1640’s the Levellers- the radical wing of the Parliamentary forces- were calling for annual parliaments for heaven’s sake.Four Centuries on and we still haven’t got there.  The current fashionable theory amongst left-liberal inclined intellectuals-manque is that in the event of any election/referendum result going against their expected and hoped for outcome,then the default explanation of any such unlikely occurrence is that those who contributed to the actual verdict were somehow misled,misinformed,mistaken and misjudged,miscalculated the consequences of them individually and collectively casting their votes in the way that they did; i.e. against the explicit,considered,expert and wise advice of the commentariat/academics,experts and men of vast experience who truly understood the issues being voted upon. My, that was a bit long winded – but I went for it anyway. Today happens to be Saturday, 3rd December and the metropolitan-domiciled elites’ ideological war drums are already beating all across MSM. Tomorrow,Sunday 4th December there is to be a plebiscite in Italy regarding proposals from the incumbent Premier,Renzi on the streamlining of Italy’s constitution, which he amongst others feels is too cumbersome and no longer fit for contemporary purpose. Across the border over in Austria, due to a preceding procedural cock-up, there is the re-run of what had been an excruciatingly closely run Presidential contest between the Green Party’s Van Der Bellen and the Freedom Party’s Hofer. the likeliest of outcomes in both referendum and presidential Election will not be to the liking of the elites and their shills in the political classes in western europe. The oppositional 5 Star Movement is mounting a dynamic campaign for a ” No ” vote against Renzi, and Hofer’s Freiheitliche Partei ought to attain a valuable,if largely wholly symbolic victory. I shall certainly be celebrating with unalloyed joy and basking in either or both such tremendous outcomes tomorrow.



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