And So It Goes…#832

Here we go, again! Or almost. An emergency Commons debate on the topic of , however you wish to describe it, Aleppo. Called by the Tory MP Andrew Mitchell, the debate attracted the attendance of 70 MPs.  And as usual the cries of something needs to be done, has to be done resounded to the echo. Deja Vu has seldom been so much in evidence in the Commons.They debated Aleppo fairly recently and the same faux-concerns of our metropolitan-domiciled political class were thoroughly rehearsed for the cameras. An odd symmetry of Tories clinging onto the last vestiges of a grasp of global Realpolitik on the one hand waylayed by the strident / bellicose utterances of born-again Blairites whose lack of practical military /logistics knowledge was woefully in evidence. Clowns in Chief Johnson and Osborne did some desultory limp moral shroud waving by asserting that had parliament in 2013 opted for a military intervention of some kind or another at that time, Aleppo would not now be an issue. Don’t ask; it wasn’t supposed to make any sense whatsoever even at the time. Unless, of course the real intent behind all and any calls for any intervention in the Syrian Civil War is to goad Russia into a premature globalised conflict aka WW3. Surely not?

Louis Kasatkin @louiskasatkin Dec 13Indeed something needs to be done! now! but in relation to what and where,then there’s the how.Let’s make a list of issues “Andrew Mitchell”


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