And So It Goes…#833

As the #Brexit debate descends into an all out ideological / tribal bar room brawl with the antidemocratic seditionists of #LabourIn determined to play a key role in the unfolding societal imbroglio. And the catastrophic failed PC multiculturalist policies of unrestricted labour market competition are boosted by Rabblerouser-in-Chief Abbott, it’s worth reminding ourselves just where we were only three short years ago. ASIG #566 was brief and to the point.

Addendum  to the longest suicide note in History ,e.g. Britain’s ” membership “- incarceration in the Greater German European Union .

Schools struggling with influx of Roma children who can’t speak English: One primary has seen numbers rise from 4 to 99

  • Study into schools in three council areas: Derby, Manchester and Sheffield
  • Ofsted found teachers do not have money or skills to support Roma pupils
  • In one school a support assistant was not fluent in English themselves

Schools are struggling to cope with an influx of Roma children from Eastern Europe who arrive unable to speak English, Ofsted warned yesterday.

Inspectors said schools were hampered by a lack of resources to meet the ‘wide-ranging needs’ of new arrivals who may never have experienced formal education.

They said some pupils were unfamiliar with school routines and behaviour expectations. Many also needed intensive help to learn English but schools were struggling to find enough bilingual staff to teach them.

No further comment necessary.


The seditionist #LabourIn vision is for this nightmare to be upscaled and continued ad infinitum even after #Brexit.Heaven help us all!


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