And So It Goes…#835

On Monday 19th at 8pm local time an islamic fanatic drove a truck into crowds at a Berlin Yuletide Market.Seventy nine hours later, around 3 am local time the terrorist suspect was shot by police officers in Milan. A furore ensued across all mainstream and social media outlets and platforms. In many ways this latest imbroglio summed up 2016 for the ruling elites and their pet mass social engineering projects in the PC multiculturalist satrapies of the EU.  For the rest of us 2016 was absolutely brilliant! An astonishing and breathtaking Victory for the Leave Campaign in the June 23rd EU Referendum followed by Trump’s triumph over the neocon bete-noire and professional warmongering harridan Clinton. The city of Aleppo’s liberation by the forces of the legitimate Syrian government with strong support from its allies,Russia and Iran provides a fitting cadenza to 2016. As for the antidemocratic,seditionist trash of #LabourIn who embody much of what is genuinely wrong and hateful with the failed EU, well Schadenfreude just got larger and louder for them.


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