And So it Goes…#838

You know that feeling of dread you get at the onset of what you know will be a migraine headache?

The same sickening sense of foreboding is achieved by listening to what that humungously vapid and lacklustre straw man masquerading as the current leader of the British Labour Party has to say on the EU’s ” Freedom of Movement “. The impending sense of nausea he induces when evading the issue is all too palpable.

It is also all too indicative of the 200 #LabourIn MPs’ tawdry metropolitan PC ideology. For some reason, this antidemocratic, seditionist, parliamentary rabble and quite a large swathe of otherwise serious and rational people on the British ” Left ” think and behave and speak as if the ineluctable Laws of the Capitalist means of production,distribution and exchange , i.e. the totality of the Capitalist economic system has ceased to operate.

Despite their voluble and disingenuous abusive harangues to the contrary, they e.g  most of Labour most of the time and most of the other ” left ” most of the time categorically deny the following.:-

The basis of the laws of supply and demand are – that the less you have of something,the higher the price of it inexorably is.The more you have of something the lower the price of that becomes.

Seriously,the operation of the capitalist system is really simple, that’s why it works.

An increase in the availability of labour in what is ” a labour market ” will overall lower the price of labour.A shortage of labour would increase the price thereof.

Adam smith expounded on this, Marx certainly knew that this is how our world operates.

But not according to Corbyn or Slogans With Placards or any other amongst the dreck of failed PC multiculturalist neophytes who show off their faux-revolutionary,anti-capitalist politics at Uni.


Unrestricted labour market competition is called freedom of movement.

Utterly ghastly.

Time for sovereign borders and tariff barriers and each nation State to its own.

Time for autarky and higher wages.

Time to smash the #EU to smithereens.

And that Comrades, is Revolutionary!


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