And So It Goes…#841

There is a time and a place for profundity, for the issuing of deeply held philosophical,existentialist insights into the human condition and our place in the universe. But now isn’t one of those times. Now is the time for another celebration, a lifting of the middle finger at the PC,multiculturalist,globalist liberal elites and their discomfort,displeasure and encroaching sense of existential dread. President Trump. The Man of Action, long thought to have been lost to History has re-appeared. That together, in synchronicity with the #Brexit phenomenon has spectacularly reinvigorated political discourse throughout Europe and North America. A LePen triple whammy in France this year would really be the icing on the cake. Let’s hope so;and if providence is so inclined, make it so. Paranoid delusions have now strengthened their grip on the social democratic/wiberal/multiculti ideological ragpicking fraternity and its #EU abomination. The days of interminable Schadenfreude that now lie ahead  for the antidemocratic metropolitan elites, are the paths to restoration of Sovereignty,of the emancipation of Christian values. The trumpet has sounded forth that shall never call retreat!


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