And So It Goes…#843

In Astana,Kazakhstan Syrian  peace talks brokered by Moscow,Tehran and Ankara are under way. Not that the MSM ( MainStream Media ) here in the West seems too fussed about it. Nor do the dregs of  US neocon interventionism have much to say on the topic of Syria these days. The remnants of the british Labour Party -both Parliamentary and grassroots extra-parliamentary have decided to ease back on their vainglorious,hubristic posturing and issuing of implausibly dire warnings to Moscow on the subject. At least for now,the odd frisson of faux-anxiety about 3 Russian warships traversing international waters adjacent Britain not withstanding. And so it goes. There’s still plenty of turmoil,scandals,strikes,sedition,corruption,terrorism and nascent bellicosity to go around all the continents.And yet the best that the aforementioned Labour Party can manage is to be the harbinger of antidemocratic sedition against the ineluctable verdict of the 23 June referendum. The monumentally idiosyncratic Supreme Court,having handed down an 8 to 3 majority decision forcing HMG to refer to Parliament before triggering Article 50,has in effect handed a box of matches to a two year old child sat next to a can of petrol. This all but ensures the Remainer Zombie apocalypse will engulf #brexit .The itinerant benchwarmers leading this horrorshow are the same ones waving their scrawny fists at Moscow and cosying  up even more intimately to the anti-russian sanctions imposing #EU. This will not end well.


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