And So it Goes…#845

Yawn. Either the world has in fact gone crazy or a voluble,volatile cadre of faux-leftists are trying to make it appear so. The Democratic Party and its global elite corporate backers were never ever going to accept Donald Trump’s maverick,outsider victory over their chosen one, HRC. The historically moribund and existentially irrelevant forces of the liberal ( and on paper not so liberal ) Left across the West are simply a situationist ,performance installation art re-enactment society on a grandiose scale. #stoptrump rallies/marches/demonstartions have been promoted with propagandist alacrity across the UK for today,Saturday,February 4 2017. Alas the heroic vanguard of Slogans With Placards will be missing some of its stalwarts:-

Gill Mooney
5 mins · Leeds · 
 I’m afraid I’m full of cold today, so I can’t come

21 hrs · 

Would love to attend but unfortunately have prior engagements!
The future, let alone any tomorrow clearly will never belong to them!

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