And So It Goes…#846

Let me make it crystal clear; I hate, loathe and despise every organisation, group,Party and every individual therein that opposes #brexit and campaigned for the UK to remain a satrapy of the EU. I utterly condemn and hold to be anathema the globalist,PC multicultural metropolitan elites who act as antidemocratic,seditionist #EU shills.  The House of Commons came to its ineluctable constitutional senses last night, February 8. After all their repugnant demagoguery and brazen attempts at incitement of their adherents to instigate tumult and riot against HMG, the seditionist detritus has finally been thrown onto the dungheap of history. Ignominy and hubris characterised their inflammatory rhetoric against the sovereign British electorate.The scum of #LabourIn spared nothing by the way of vituperative hyperbole in demonising the people for having chosen to Leave the EU. The  ” final ” hurdle, more of a chimera than anything truly substantive, is the House of Lords who unless they wish to replay the genuinely constitutional imbroglio that engulfed British politics from 1909 to 11, had best just concur and be circumspect about it. As for Rights, they are solely for indigenous citizens and anyone who wishes to naturalise and conform.Everyone else is, of course free to leave at their earliest convenience.


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