And So It Goes…#847

Contemporary western PC leftist-liberalism has created and is perpetuating a Statist leviathan and a totalitarian ideology. Its ultimate expression is ineluctably economic in its realisation across civil society. Unrestricted labour market competition is represented in official language or newspeak as some wholly specious immaterial notion which they call” equality “. Its most immediate expression is embodied in the EU’s ” freedom of movement “. This is in practice a neoliberal mechanism that perpetuates the necessary conditions for the existence of a ” reserve army of labour ” which is a fundamental requirement in order for capitalism to maintain its own existence. There is no intrinsic mystery about the basic laws of capitalist economics.The greater the number of available units of labour ( workers ) you have competing for a finite and decreasing number of job vacancies,the lower the general level of wages needs to be in order to attract applicants.Supply and demand. Helping to naturalise this state of affairs is an ongoing ideological process initiated and conducted by metropolitan academic elites through the various apparatuses of the state which by turn is itself wholly committed to the goals of the hegemonic project of the global corporate ruling elites. And so we come to the political / industrial dispute in which the EHRC is currently embroiled.

The Equality & Human Rights Commission was established in 2007 to help eliminate discrimination, reduce inequality and protect human rights in the UK
( The EHRC has offices in ManchesterLondonGlasgow and Cardiff. It is classed as a non-departmental public body (NDPB) sponsored by theGovernment Equalities Office, which is part of the Department for Education (DfE). As an NDPB it is separate and independent from Government but still accountable for its use of public funds. )
EHRC has been accused by a union of targeting disabled and ethnic minority staff after 10 people were sacked by email and given one day to clear their desks.PCS claimed seven of the sacked staff members were of black or minority ethnic origin, and six were disabled
The Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union said dismissal at such short notice was “unprecedented” in the civil service and government agencies. However, the staff had previously been threatened with redundancy.
The dismissal, emailed while PCS and United members were striking over cuts to the Commission, said: “I therefore give you notice of the termination of your employment by reason of redundancy…Your last working day will therefore be Friday 10 February 2017.”
PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka called the decision “reprehensible.”
“That this has happened at the government body charged with upholding human rights and fair treatment in our society is an absolute scandal and we will continue to fight it,” he said.
The irony in all this, is the role played by the official Trades Union movement which itself is historically tied to implementing the ideological fetishisation of  PC multiculturalism, human rights and the entire farrago of equality for this that and the other personal pecadillo. The time honoured adage “Hoist by their own petard ” springs to mind. The busybodies busybody swallowing its own tail ; who investigates the investigators.Who indeed carries out an Inquisiton into the Inquisiton itself?

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