And So It Goes…#850

Who would have imagined that life would get quite as interesting as it has done? We are most definitely living in the most interesting of times. The actual,ineluctable breaking apart and historic dissolution of the former Left and Right.Old political classifications, that stymied and stifled open and honest debates around pressing issues of general and immediate importance,are now faltering and becoming increasingly shrill and dysfunctional. The western neocon warmongers are running around like headless chickens much in the same way that the entrenched PC metropolitan liberal elites are.Their shills no longer quite know which slogans to append to which placards for which protest/demonstration on any give day in the week; there’s just so many of them. In the UK and US,at the present time,the majority of this co-ordinated barely disguised and very rarely refuted insurgent,seditionist rabble rousing is directed at #stoptrump and stopping #brexit. Neither of which are actually going to be stopped.Impeded,yes certainly given the sheer volume and concerted effort being put into these twin objectives. The rest of the World,the BRICS for example, are trying as best they can to carry on with life on this planet as usual. Neither the US nor the EU are the centre of gravity in world events any longer and in truth haven’t been to any significant degree for a while now. A new era of self-assertive Nation States and the reinvigoration of sovereignty as a active political force is dawning and shall not be delayed.


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