And So It Goes…#855

One week today, on the 29th of March Article 50 will be formally triggered by HMG. A letter will be presented to the Grand Panjandrum of Greater Ruritania aka the President of the EU Council, Donald Tusk. Presumably once he has opened the letter and read it, he will remark,” Well bloody hell they could’ve told me earlier!” or words to that effect.  And that’s about it then, off we jolly well go into the clear blue yonder with a knapsack on our back and a care free optimism in our hearts. Either that or  a tsunami of a diplomatic shitstorm will descend us precipitatley.Too close to call which is the likelier. Things in general won’t change if at all in the prevailing atmosphere of rancour  fuelled by the ancien regime and its ravening mobs of stymied seditionists. Still, they do keep us entertained however vicariously by their innate stupidity. Mhairi Black the 22 year old SNP MP in the course of bemoaning HMG’s perceived air of disdain toward the lunatic ramblings of the devolved parliament in Edinburgh, opined that it was unfair that London has more MPs than all of Scotland. Wee Mary got made mincemeat of all across social media. #brexit is the gift that keeps on giving. So many victories over so many hurdles. March 29 is another date for the diary of ineluctable,pre-destined triumphs.


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