And So It Goes..#858

Read and understand. :-

straw man
1) an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent’s real argument.
2)a  person regarded as having no substance or integrity.
Clearly these last couple of days have been one elongated mainstream media straw -man jousting tournament. Britain was threatening possible military action against Spain over Gibraltar! or maybe it wasn’t,but Gibraltar did get a mention in the EU’s negotiating procedures document vis a vis the UK’s Article 50 exit. Within the EU’s document the Spanish government would be guaranteed some kind of definitive say over the future status of Gibraltar once the UK has exited the EU. Or possibly not, depending on how excruciatingly nuanced an interpretation EU theologians-manque could possibly contrive from the words actually written. The massed ranks of seditionist EU shills in all their guises immediately seized upon the apparently bellicose and intemperate responses from various former Tory government ministers to this allegedly diplomatic faux-pas occasioned by the beleaguered Spanish government. The Straw Man was now fully animated. Lazy faux-journalism coupled with superficial news reporting and the repetition of kneejerk off the cuff responses added to the less than entirely convincing imbroglio. If this was supposed to be a bone being thrown to the rabid pack of seditionist dogs to feast off,then evidently there wasn’t enough meat on it to last more than a sniff and a lick. Schadenfreude once again!! #Brexit Ahoy!!

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