And So It Goes…#859

Here’s a prediction.It’s Nostradamus time again! Just kidding, honest. Yet when it comes to Mainstream Media ( MSM ) reporting these days, Nostradamus is by comparison a pretty reliable source of news. To the matter in hand; the French Presidential elections are up and coming, with the first round of voting on April 23 and the decisive run-off between the two leading candidates from round one on May 7. Marine LePen, the leader of the populist Front National  is going to be one of the two candidates on May 7, she might even emerge however marginally as the highest scoring candidate on April 23. Her long hoped for success will be predicated on the as yet unquantified subterranean  tectonic shift in politics,the same shift that has brought about #brexit in Britain and catapulted Trump into the White House. One thing that is guaranteed to intensify and then go into hyperbolic overdrive between April 23 and May 7 is the collective, voluble hissy fit that’s going to bellow forth from the Left all across the decrepit, moribund western faltering democratic world. If #Brexit can lead the largely metropolitan elitist seditionist led, middle class publicly funded careerist professionals and their uni student common room agitators-manque shills to vilify Brexit voters as cretinous subhuman bigots then heaven help those on the receiving end of  what will be a tsunami of unregenerate bile and acrimony heading toward MLP and those who welcome her, let us hope Victory. meanwhile the auguries are set for such a propitious outcome:- Bloomberg Brexit reports from the French heartland,

Haulage companies rely on the open borders and seamless trade that the European Union created. But in France and other wealthier EU states, the drivers they employ are also at the mercy of the low-cost competition from the former communist east that comes with it. Polish trucks alone now account for a quarter of all international road transportation business in the EU. That’s driving down delivery prices for consumers, and also the salaries of an unhappy workforce with few other career options.


Bon Chance!


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