And so It Goes…#860

Well, things certainly went unexpectedly and spectacularly south the other day. Two US warships launched a total of 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian airforce base; thereby continuing Washington’s historic foreign policy strategy in the Middle East and elsewhere, of Blowing Shit Up. MSM and a the hydra-headed social media went into an orgiastic frenzy of hyperbole and speculation and faux-analyses. The quixotic concept of American global moral leadership seems to be gaining favour again, quite how it has managed to do so remains I think a bit of moot point at this stage,but it is certainly metastasising. The usual suspects of cronies,shills, amoral ideological whores,cranks, venal opportunists, satrapies and congenital bootlickers came out on cue to deliver their verbal and verbose faux-oaths and declarations of support for each and every one of those cruise missiles fired in direct contravention of International Law, the governments of UK,Australia,Japan,Israel,Turkey amongst them. One sovereign state- The USA-launching armed aggression against another sovereign state- Syria – with which it- The USA- is not at war and from whom it- The USA is not under imminent and direct threat of attack, is breaking International Law. The neocon American warmongers and imperialists-manque propagate a dangerously delusional attitude reminiscent of megalomania when they espouse ambitions of moral leadership as highlighted by this footnote to the events themselves:-

BBC Radio 4, today Saturday 8 April had a live on-air interview with General John Allen ( who supported HRC for President ) who lectured the listeners on America’s goals and America’s responsibilities,blah ,blah ,blah ad infinitum. For more on this General , google :-


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