And So It Goes…#861

Did someone say something and would they mind repeating it so that we can all hear?  There’s been some kind of a conclave of decrepit,corrupt and frankly historically obsolescent countries held in Tuscany a few days ago.They wagged their fingers and muttered their customary oaths, amazingly enough aimed at other countries that hadn’t been invited to this Care in the Community Patients’ Jamboree & Seance. The conclave had the rather catchy hashtag #G7 that appeals to the swathes of historically illiterate and vacuously trendy journalists-manque who swarm around great big important meetings like rabid hyenas around a carcass that’s been out in the sun too long. Fortunately, or maybe just because the meds were administered in time to enough of the attendees, the #G7 Foreign Ministers decided not to risk further antagonising the hell out of Russia and all those who aren’t implacably opposed to its existence and well being. This on the whole, despite fervently expressed opinions to the contrary by genuine neocon warmongers, was a pretty good outcome for all concerned. Such is the manner of the self-referencing cabal of western, industrialised democracies with the biggest GDPs,that a full Summit is scheduled for May 26/27 in Sicily. That’s when the collective Heads of State get to wag their fingers and mutter oaths of one kind or another. No doubt Al Qaeda and DAESH and their Saudi/UAE/Turkey paymasters will be awaiting the outcome with their customary baited breath and meticulously observed reticence and commendable martial restraint. Just kidding,you know they won’t and neither do the necromancers of Washington,London,Paris and Berlin.


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