And So It Goes…#862

Having manufactured and assiduously promoted the straw man of Russian electoral skulduggery, the Democrats and faux-progressives have been hoist by their own petard. We are now seeing an enhanced version of US foreign diplomacy which invariably begins and ends with toys being thrown out of their prams. The only noticeable difference this time is that there’s a whole lot more crashing and banging accompanying the latest outburst of Washington neocons’ customary hubris and immaturity. Having long ago sidelined the Constitution and ceded its war making powers to the Presidency, Congress is de facto complicit in everything every holder of the Office of President does and has ordered done since WW2. For decades now even the most genuine opponents of military intervention abroad have proven wholly impotent in the face of a determined President. This time around it happens to be Trump;a man whom the Democrats to a large degree and Republicans to a surprising degree smeared and denounced as somehow being in the thrall of Russia. A country whom Democrat and Republican politicians and commentators and mainstream media swear engaged in heretofore unimaginable and widespread electoral skulduggery in the US electoral process in order to ensure his-Trump’s election! These very same forces now applaud and welcome Trump’s actions in Yemen, Syria,Afghanistan and when it does all go tits up, in North Korea too. The supine, servile nature of NATO’s response to all this merely underscores the organisation’s peripheral auxilliary role as Washington’s global lackey.


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