And So it Goes…#863

Happy Days are here again!! There’s going to be a General Election on June 8th! And to celebrate this fortuitous occasion when once more in keeping with time honoured tradition,the Sovereign Peoples of these islands exercise their inalienable democratic Rights and hold their elected representatives to account at the ballot box. Or as a leading MP of the Opposition Labour Party put it in a tweet on the morning of April 19th. –

Theresa May is a disgrace-she called an Election because she rejects the idea of an Opposition in our democracy.We are not some dictatorship

The term non sequitur might be applied.It’s Latin for bollox.  A little under a year ago some 200+ Labour MPs campaigned as #LabourIn  in an attempt to perpetuate this country’s continued enslavement under the yoke of an alien continental tyranny. Labour’s antidemocratic metropolitan elitist propaganda failed. And because it failed most noticeably in the staunchest of Labour held constituencies, Labour MPs,Umunna amongst them, set about slandering and defaming those who voted for #Brexit as stupid,ill educated,backward,insular, racists and xenophobes. Quite a significant tranche of non-parliamentary leftist groups repeated those lies and slanders. The established parties – SNP.Sinn Fein ,LibDems and Greens goose-stepped along to Labour’s views,organising demonstrations and rallies at which their party reps spoke solely to incite sedition amongst their adherents calling for the reversal/annulement of the EU Referendum result.

June 9 will see #brexit continue and Labour smashed to smithereens .The Union will not be shaken. Those are my predictions!!


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