And So It Goes…#864

June 8 is still a bloody long way off at this point in time, and there is much mischief, misinformation and downright lying to be done by the parties, that is all of the Parties, in this general election campaign. Remember that 200+ #Labour MPs. spearheaded the failed Remain campaign during the EU Referendum, the result of which they all swore they’d respect and uphold. The LibDems ,who are neither liberal let alone democratic in the original sense of those words, have made the annulment of the Referendum result the centrepiece of their electoral campaign. The SNP,Plaid Cymru and Sinn Fein for diverse, albeit remarkably similar aims of anti-Unionist, regionalist considerations wish #brexit dead.The unconvicted war criminal and messiah-manque Blair himself has again risen from his resting place to try and concoct some corporeal intervention during the run up to June 8. And Corbyn’s supreme policy strategy and decades long acumen as a wholly peripheral if not entirely irrelevant bogus leftist agitator has led him to call for the Labour Party to promise additional Public bank holidays should they actually win the election. And heaven help us all it has fallen to the Conservatives to take the Holy Grail of #Brexit forward. Not that any of this ludicrous imbroglio is new ; the players have changed and maybe even the colour of their playing strips, but the game remains the same.

Isaiah 59:3-4

Your lips have spoken falsely,
    and your tongue mutters wicked things.
No one calls for justice;
    no one pleads a case with integrity.
They rely on empty arguments, they utter lies;

On a lighter footnote, Marine LePen has made it into the second round of the French presidential election run off on May 7. Probably won’t win but at least the French electorate have been given the option of anti-globalism,anti-EU,reason and clarity.

Alas us poor Brits,we can’t even have that.


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