And So It Goes…#865

A once modestly fashionable and oft quoted 19th.Century German economist was credited with expressing the axioms, ” That those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it “;  and that ” History repeats itself,first as a tragedy,the second time as a farce “. i suppose that’s what the acolytes of this disputably grand economist and philosopher-manque would call dialectical, or is it historical, materialism ? anyhow,it’s definitely happening.

You may recall that this time last year,indeed on this very day 26 April, 200+ Labour MPs were engaged in a campaign to persuade the British people to remain in perpetual servile bondage to the German dominated alien tyranny.Alan Johnson MP of the petainist/quisling #LabourIn summed it all up:-

The “immediate consequences” of Brexit would harm both the country and society as a whole, the chair of Labour In For Britain warned at the Usdaw Trade Union conference. “I believe the vote in the referendum on the EU on June 23 is every bit as important as that election in July 1945. Perhaps more so,” Johnson said. He also restated the Labour Party’s fundamental hegemony over what it sees as its historic fiefdom,the Trades Union movement. “Nearly four million British trade union members are represented by unions campaigning to keep Britain in Europe this June.”

That didn’t work out all that well for them, did it? The trades unions proved wholly incapable of mobilising even the paltriest of numbers amongst their paper memberships to campaign against #brexit.The truth is they were never going to. It was the height of delusional thinking to believe otherwise ,as Johnson and his 200 metropolitan elitist EU seditionist shills so clearly did.

And so we’re back to history being repeated as farce in this current period up to and including June 8 ,2017. Not only #Labour but the cretinoid LibDems, the SNP and Sinn Fein are all re-running their anti #brexit campaigns from last Summer. Corbyn and his monstrous regiments of essentially irritating yet ineffectual poseurs are repeating the same otiose cant of wanting to keep the UK in the EU single market and the customs union. Ending EU neoliberal freedom of movement and reasserting national sovereignty over our borders and immigration are again notably absent from Labour’s OCD policy statements and soundbites.

There aren’t enough points on the Richter Scale to measure just what a pro #brexit political tsunami will sweep across these islands on June 8. Schadenfreude will be at its maximum.


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