And So It Goes…#866

It was always going to be this way.  The result of the EU Referendum in favour of #brexit was never going to be accepted,let alone tolerated as even remotely legitimate by those forces gathered and united under the Remain banner. #LabourIn and #OpenBritain #EuropeanMovement and others of that ilk have waged an campaign of outright sedition against the Government  as well as one of vituperative slander and defamation against all those who voted  for #brexit. And that is the basis for the #GE2017 . No matter how plausible or laudible the demands for increased NHS funding  or curbs on Corporate tax dodging might be, they aren’t worth paying the ransom price demanded for them by Labour – a conscious betrayal of the Electorate’s decision to Leave the EU which of course now also necessitates the return of a Tory administration. We are not some collective Judas,even if it were the case that the extra pieces of silver being proferred might come in handy. No,not this time Labour,LibDem,Green.SNP;NO!!

Not that metropolitan elitist EU seditionist shills have ever had any qualms about hedging their own particular bets.


Labour Brexit spokesman holds out hope of second referendum and ……/labour-brexit-spokesman-hold…

3 days ago – A shadow Brexit minister has thrown Labour’s EU policy into fresh confusion after he left the door open to a second referendum – and indicated ..
Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn rules out a second referendum on final EU deal … › News › UK › UK Politics

20 Apr 2017 – Labour will not support a second referendum on the terms of Theresa May’s Brexit deal, a spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn has said, ending speculation the party might back a vote at the end of the two-year negotiation……/labour-second-referendum-will-no…
20 Apr 2017 – A spokesman for the Labour leader said: “A second referendum is not our policy and it won’t be in our manifesto.


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