And So It Goes..#869

The trouble with obituaries is that if you write them too early you end up looking a right prat should the putative deceased not actually then go ahead and pop their clogs.  That said, in the wake of May 4/5th’s various English and Welsh local county council and Scottish  city and district elections, it is as certain as certain can be that Labour’s death notice isn’t in any danger of being even a tad premature. They’re dead and gone and good bloody riddance. Of course it ought to have happened to the Conservatives as well, but they still possess and know how to make use of,  a certain machiavellian  political street cunning, at least enough to get by on as opposed to Labour. Alas the Party of Labour ; of over rated cheap suited zealots and crypto fascists masquerading as liberals, who were seriously way past being fit for any purpose other than being tossed into an unmarked grave and having the gravediggers relieve themselves over it after they’ve filled the waste of space back in again. And that is getting terribly close to peak Schadenfreude and June 8 is still a way off. But, heck even the dumb and dumber SNP and LibDems proclaimed heroic,epoch busting victories on days where they both actually made nett losses on council seats! Labour on the other hand experienced a full on sensuround premonition, a sort of anti-epiphany of  their public crucifixion on June 8 ; their PC multiculturalist atheist sack of putrifiying 19th century ideological garbage devoured by time,space and history. Amen.


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