And So It Goes…#870

Now that Right and Left – those moribund descriptors of late 18th.century French revolutionary politics- are no longer relevant or applicable, it is invariably those who were once identified with the ” Right ” that are increasingly Right on economic questions and by far the most cogent and interesting. As opposed to the what was the ” Left ” who maintain ( and shout very loudly about) that increased labour market competition actually leads to an increase in the general level of wages especially in the massive unskilled sector of the economy! Furthermore the Left as was, insist that continued and expanded unrestricted labour market competition will by itself lead to an increase in national GDP and therefore an increase in state revenues that can be spent on building more schools,hospitals and houses to accommodate the ever increasing numbers who provide the competition in the labour market.The used to be the Left don’t actually resort to the use of empirical proof to substantiate this, other than by their default position of ignoring any such data. it takes the Right to dispel myths and expose lies these days.

Matthew Taylor, Chair of the government’s Social Integration Commission and the former policy chief to Tony Blair,  in his tenth annual lecture as the chief executive of the RSA, the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, said “Bad work impacts directly on workers but also on the rest of us through greater pressure on our welfare and healthcare systems.”

Stressful, dead-end jobs are making some Britons so sick they end up on disability benefits, according to the man reviewing the world of work for the government. the quality of work in Britain had worsened “in certain respects”, with some workers treated like “cogs in a machine”. He said this was bad for economic productivity and piled pressure on the health and welfare systems. “Stressful work with low levels of flexibility and autonomy is a critical factor leading to hundreds of thousands of workers dropping out of employment every year into disability,”

And there you have it. The #EU neoliberal otiose cant of freedom of movement that has driven millions of economic parasites into the UK national labour market, fuelled agency zero hours contracts and has lowered wages and virtually annihilated the Uk’s already parlous social infrastructure in Housing, Schools and Health provision across the board. National GDP is still below the pre-crash level of 2007 despite many more workers albeit in the largely unproductive low skilled box-filling sector of the service economy. The idiots on what was the Left insist that it’s racist scapegoating of immigrants to point any of these facts out. They claim,erroneously, that what is needed is greater state investment in social infrastructure to accommodate all the additional demands placed upon it by the calamitous unregulated competition in the labour market.  In other words for those who need dots joining up for them , The Labour & Trades Union movement as a whole support neoliberal free market capitalism. Presumably just like Lenin did. #brexit #Labourmanifesto #GE2017


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