And So It Goes…#872

I’m writing this blog post on May 16, that’s 23 days shy of General Election Day here in the UK. And that is an awful lot of Mainstream Media ( MSM ) filler. The contrived controversies over minor variations in otiose and largely ephemeral policy differences between the respective contending major parties will, as is usual pass for what is and has been for generations now, political discourse. A phony significance is accorded to the ritualistic mummery of their manifesto launches. As if no-one could’ve possibly intuitively guessed at just what pretentious and unattainable gob-shitery would emerge from the various ideological orifices or how badly it would all just smell. I take a certain comfort from imagining just how much more febrile the atmosphere must have been like here in England during the Reformation or the Civil War. We could sure use some of that visceral,no holds barred genuinely contentious battle of ideas and clash of ideologies right now. Perhaps we have to make do with the lingering temper tantrums and threats to eject the few remaining toys from the Remoaner prams of the #brexit debate. Boring.


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