And So It Goes…#876

Time here in Britain seems to have slowed down since Monday. We were even granted a little welcome respite until Friday 26th from the interminable otiose cant of  party political electioneering. Though of course, PC metropolitan elitist prejudices and dominant multiculturalist ideology all but subsumed the various ceremonies and public expressions of grief and remembrance,held thus far for the victims of the islamic terrorist attack. Former Met.Police Kommissar ,now Lord, Blair aired the ruling elites’ view on how best to deal with the islamic terrorist threat. We mustn’t go around upsetting their communities by carrying out robust, effective preventative measures such as stop and search and detention without trial or even house arrest.Were our security forces to do so, it would in his corporate view only make matters worse and cause long term damage to the nebulous concept of community relations in mainstream society. Quite.You can see the problem that the 60 or however many years of self-inflicted post-imperialist ruling class guilt has created for us in normal civil society. We simply can’t go around upsetting the acolytes of a stone slab in the middle of the desert. Bummer. Time here in Britain seems to have slowed down. The clock needs winding up again.


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