And So It Goes…#877

It’s Saturday 27 May and the seemingly interminable British #GE2017 campaign trundles on.The last 48 hours have been notable in so far as the corporate MSM and social media spotlights have concentrated on the utterances of one J.Corbyn, putative leader of the opposition Labour Party, who apparently have aspirations of forming the next government of the UK. The PC metropolitan hipster in-house journal ,aka The Guardian published this astonishing item.

Jeremy Corbyn has been on the right side of history for 30 years. That’s real leadership

What does it mean,exactly, to be on the ” right side ” of history? Which ideological views do you have to have in order to be adjudged as being on that particular side and indeed, who does the judging on whether or not you are on,to use their term, the right side? All these questions of course will not receive an answer let alone any acknowledgement that they had even asked in the first place. It’s all a bit Marxist-manque ; all overly deterministic in the manner of a poor and unsophisticated understanding of dialectical and historical materialism.It is an absurdist notion that if an individual or group or party would somehow be able to ” correctly ” interpret the movement ( or the laws of motion ) of history then they could formulate,campaign for and and at some nebulous future point in time implement the policies of the collective demands of the organised forces of the proletarian vanguard to the benefit of the exploited working masses . It is possible and it has been put into practice before.The experiment was deemed a success,but alas the subjects of that experiment either died horribly or were left severely traumatised. The grotesque insanity of any such claim as to being on the right side of history is so monumentally preposterous that there is no rational philosophical basis on which to even begin to make a reasoned or informed judgement. Labour whether of the Left or Right both equally are, just as the clowns of 1917 were, the direct progeny of 1789.They are the headchoppers.


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