And So It Goes..#878

Just for a few brief hours during last week’s commotion prompted by the latest Islamic terrorist outrage, reason and common sense enjoyed fleeting hegemony in the nation’s political discourse:- › News › UK 2 days ago – A former high-ranking Met Police officer has called for extremists to be locked away at internment camps to protect the country. Tarique Ghaffur said taking up to 3,000 extremists off the streets would keep stop attacks and allow detainees to undergo de-radicalisation programmes.

Ghaffur’s forthright and incisive analysis was in stark contrast to the otiose PC multiculti verbiage of appeasement uttered by former Met.Pol Kommissar Blair the previous day. Alas Great Britain intrinsically lacks the kind of gutsy, robust and politically savvy, ideologically committed populist political leadership and cadre of political agitators necessary to envisage and enable a thorough going renaissance of this nation’s polity in general. Like all the other advanced ,i.e. decaying and increasingly moribund western industrialised democracies, the political class is in effect a carbon copy of the lickspittle disingenuous vapid managerial class-the kind who do group hugs at Asda and are your ” Colleagues” and you call them by their first-can’t say Christian- names. The sovereign electorate aren’t called upon with the uttermost solemnity and existential foreboding to exercise their inviolable judgement regarding distinctive and incompatible ideologies embodied by rival  parties.They’re instead called upon to exercise a largely fatuous and ephemeral choice between the latest mass consumerist rival bargain offers from Asda and Aldi. The existential poinnt of any “problem” is to deal with it and solve it. It is not supposed to be something to “manage”. Which of course is what regressive,backward looking ideologically vacuous senile democracies do, they attempt  to manage. They inexorably and invariably infantalise and commodify all political activity and all forms of communal interactions of Civil Society.They emasculate History itself. Whatever the World’s future is going to be, it sure as hell isn’t going to be written up as History by anyone in this grubby little corner of the globe.

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