And So It Goes…#879

We’re nearly there! today is June 2, by this time next week we’ll all know quite how deep an ocean of faeces we’ll find ourselves in politically. Prepare for a spectacular Dans La Merde. The plethora of putative MPs somehow managed to conduct their myriad #GE2017  campaigns without the slightest shred of gravitas or sincerity.Vacuous platitudes,even at this late stage are still out in force as is the unmistakable,cloying miasma of otiose cant being generated by all and sundry participants. And yet somehow a verdict will be delivered and announced on the morning of the 9th. All opinion polls are invariably wrong except that some polls are more wrong than others. A last frenetic burst of activity from the MSM thaumaturgists posing as modern day Commentators and political pundits passes these days for what little genuine excitement and existential angst that there used to be in politics and general elections in a distant golden age of the past. What we’ve witnessed over these last few weeks in Britain isn’t the steady resurgent heartbeat of a healthy democratic polity but a comatose patient having a series of strokes whilst the ECG cries out to an empty unattended hospital ward. I’m afraid the grave news is that the Political class acting as pimps and shills for the metropolitan ruling elites were never ever going to abide by let alone grant the electorate’s express wishes made on June 23 2016.  We’ve all been fooled again.

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