And So It Goes…#880

June 6 used to be most commonly associated with and commemorated as the anniversary date of D-Day,the Normandy Landings of 1944.

And indeed it still is by very many,but certainly not as widespread as once was the case. Instead today,for example, there is to be a minute’s silence which the authorities insist people will observe at 11 O’Clock to commemorate the victims of the latest Islamic terrorist atrocity to have been carried out in London; Saturday night a little after 10pm June 3.

Given the, at present seemingly increased frequency of such outrages,it would be naive to assume that they won’t be stopping any time soon.We are at this point in time less than 48 hours away from Polling day for #GE2017.

These Islamic terrorist outrages have now clearly and decisively capsized the entire general election debate and discourse. That’s why I don’t even bother or pretend to bother to observe minutes of silence in tribute to anything any more.

The moribund, failed Western decrepitcracies are now watching all their chickens come home to roost. Apart from a handful of knowledgeable and astute experts and former senior security/Police officers, the public debate and factional party political diatribes have not only been unedifying but also generally futile and unproductive.

Only last week, in response to the Manchester Arena atrocity, Tarique Ghaffur cogently and concisely set out what it is necessary for the State to do in order to grasp and effectively deal with the Islamic terrorist problem. I anticipate that no one in the entire political class, let alone in any other position of power and influence amongst the entire ruling elites will ever be likely to implement let alone dare to even consider implementing any measures as those deemed necessary and adequate to the task in hand by Tarique Ghaffur or any other competent Security / Police Officer.

Other sovereign nation States, for example, China, Russia ,India, would of course ,as indeed they in practice already are no doubt,be getting on with implementing appropriate measures and solutions to Islamic terrorist threat.

Then again China, Russia and India are amongst those most fortunate of all sovereign nation states in not being hobbled and emasculated by the vile liberal doctrines of PC multiculturalism and otiose cant of so-called tolerance and inclusion.

Alas if we too would only uphold our ancient freedoms and liberties and rather target that relevant demographic associated with the problem itself and shred their so called liberties and freedoms exclusively.


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