And So It Goes…#882

Barely 72 hours on from the conclusion of counting the votes for #GE2017 and the UK polity is alive and well and full of vigour! The few sober minded Labour strategists who do actually know just WTF they’re talking about, ( as opposed to the many ,000s of wannabe socialist/Leftist placardwavers and spouters of vacuous platitudes who never do ) Labour is a long, long way from achieving even the merest semblance of a victory over the used-to-be Conservatives. From the LabourList official internal email is the following analysis :-

We need to temper our relief and elation about these unexpected gains with awareness that there was a swing against us in many Midlands and Northern industrial heartland seats.   Our votes are not efficiently distributed around the country compared to the Tories because we stacked up “super majorities” in London and university town seats; and we need to gain at least 64 more seats, more than twice what we achieved on Thursday, to get a Labour Government with a majority of one.   A good case study of where the current strategy triumphed and its limitations is the Kent and Essex Estuary seats. Canterbury, with its many students, was a stunning gain, but the 11 more working class seats on both sides of the Thames that had been Labour in 1997 and in many cases 2001 and 2005 as well were not gained, and in most cases have Tory majorities of about 10,000.   We have to gain some of them to get a majority Labour government, and that will require a strategy that goes beyond the groups of voters appealed to this time.

Meanwhile,  the May Regime is cobbling together a de-facto alliance with the DUP. A putative arrangement that has drawn the ire of every conceivable Social democrat,socialist,marxoid,liberal,green,feminist,atheist,secularist,anti-Christian,advocate of sodomy and pre-birth human child exterminator under the sun. The full panoply in fact, of the PC,multicultural metropolitan elitist entourage that has poisoned and debilitated western societies for the last 60 years. Now there’s a surprise.


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