And So It Goes…#883

From to-day’s Metro newspaper :-

The EU has issued a 24-hour warning to Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland saying that they have to start taking in refugees under an EU migrant-sharing plan.

The three countries immediately rebuffed the threat and appeared ready to go to court.

The European Commission said in a statement that it has repeatedly urged them to relocate refugees or at least pledge to do so under the legally-binding refugee plan agreed two years ago.

It said they have failed to take action ‘in breach of their legal obligations,’ and that it “has decided to launch infringement procedures.” The plan to share 160,000 refugees in overwhelmed Italy and Greece among other European countries over two years was endorsed in September 2015 by a qualified majority vote.

Clearly what the three  ” accused ” failed to understand when they were originally applying to join the EU,was quite how much of their own individual nation’s sovereignty would disappear. All of it . National sovereignty is like pregnancy, you just can’t be a little bit pregnant. Countries joining the EU opt,whether they fully appreciate at the time or not, for an abortion of their own god given sovereignty.  It is futile to rehearse all the very many complex arguments already explored ad nauseum for and against the very concept of a Supranational State. We know its dark history,we know the forces and Class interests behind its foundation and development. That’s why the  vote for national emancipation via #brexit from the EU by the British electorate was so truly historically significant when it happened last year. And that’s why globalist/neoliberal metropolitan elites in their various national guises are so zealously committed to thwarting the Will of the People across the EU dominated parts of the Continent of Europe. The refugee/migrant crises are merely a mechanism, a pretext for the imposition of the EU’s socio-economic/politcial hegemony over its satrapies. Whilst the resistance shown to the Final Implementation of these nefarious designs among diverse, yet still reasonably coherent national polities, such as France and the Netherlands and Austria for example gives hope to others, the aftermath of our own June 8 #GE17 , shows the forces of  metropolitan elitist led Sedition once again emboldened to threaten our Nation’s very existence.


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