And So It Goes…#885

There is no need to recapitulate the details of what, has now  become known as the Grenfell Tower disaster in Kensington. There is no need to delve speculatively into the whys and wherefores and who might be held accountable.All of that will emerge as invariably such matters do via due process of whatever inquiries and commissions and inquests that will,no doubt be instigated and held shortly. Events of such gravity and magnitude get bound up with the politics of their time. That doesn’t make them any more palatable or their aftermath somehow more manageable.  Righteous and wholly understandable popular anger and resentment are never the actual problem in any such events. It’s the accompanying squalid,vituperative internecine and factional partisan politicking that really pisses everyone off. Barely one week after an over heated and indecisive general election off they bloody well go again. The Labour Party ( now enjoying an illicit ideological armistice  between Corbyn’s Momentum and what they refer to as the Blairites,but basically anyone who dislikes the Left) truly are the most mendacious cynical set of contemptible bastards imaginable. Fact :- Labour punishes and suspends all of its Councillors who dare to speak out against let alone oppose the implementation of local austerity budget cuts. The actual number of such brave individual councillors right across the UK who have spoken out and refused to agree to implementing cuts probably numbers less than 20,if that. It is clear therefore that the Labour Party never stand up or with the many,ever. Nevertheless, Grenfell Tower,in the space of just a few days degenerated into a faux-ideological school playground fight,with all the attendant loss of sobriety,reason,common sense and dignity that such displays of immaturity and petulance always entail. Corbyn- the demagogue-manque and his acolytes resorted to calling for the immediate expropriation by state authorities of private property that might ,a) exist and b) be suitable for immediate occupation by those rendered homeless by the fire.The fevered sub- standard rhetoric of conspiracy theories became the norm. From ” May must go!” and the evils of private enterprise on Friday through into of all things the annual “Al Quds Day” march by Hezbollah and their zealots in London whose  public speakers explicitly said that it was the Zionist Corporations supporting May that were responsible for the Grenfell Tower fire. This is Britaion,2017 and you’re welcome to it.


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