And So It Goes..#886

Foreword. I fired off this missive to the Wakefield Express on the morning of the 20th June.

Sir – William Pitt the Younger remarked that,  ” Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human liberty;it is the excuse of tyrants and the creed of slaves “.  In the wake of the most recent wave of terrorist outrages in Britain as well as the omnipresent threat posed by ISIS globally, our government and opposition’s considered response is to seek unprecedented and irreversible incursions into our supposedly inalienable freedoms and liberties. Quite how enhanced state security spying on law abiding citizens and restrictions on our freedom of speech is meant to affect the like of ISIS is utterly incomprehensible.The most sacred and invaluable legal principle upon which all our Laws hinge is that of Habeas Corpus . Once that goes,we have fully entered into the alien realm of capricious despotism from which, as other nations have until recently experienced, it would be almost impossible to extricate ourselves from. Perhaps the brazen and illiberal declarations of our impudent politicians, who incapable of defeating those such as ISIS,seek only to be seen doing something might wish to bear in mind this piece of good news from the US –

The Supreme Court declared on Monday, June 19, that freedom of speech also meant the freedom to tweet. In an unprecedented ruling, the courts determined that there was no crime great enough that any person should have their use of the internet or social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest restricted.


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