And So It Goes…#888

One year on from #EURef and the same Metropolitan Elitists who were implacably opposed to the verdict of the Electorate then, remain so now.

For them,the 23 June 2016 Referendum was only supposed to have been a superficial exercise in the obedient compliance of the electorate to the will of the Metropolitan / Globalist Elites.

Fronted by the archetypal shill, Gina Miller, the same Elites having lost the vote count,attempted via Legal action to effectively impede the triggering of Article 50 by the Prime Minister’s constitutional use of the Royal Prerogative.

In spite of all the Elites’ legalistic shamanism and invalidating the use of Royal Prerogative,in the end Parliament approved the triggering of Article 50 which  formally commenced the negotiations process countdown to actual #brexit two years hence.

Any sane and rational person might’ve concluded that at last the matter of whether or not the UK was going to leave the EU and reclaim its historic destiny as a sovereign nation  state once more,had de facto been settled.

Not by a long chalk as it turns out.

The Metropolitan elites are far from done with their campaign of EU backed sedition.

Spearheaded by the 200+ MPS of #LabourIn ,the hydra headed Remain camp were meticulous in their choice and use of language in the wake of what was for them the disaster of June 23 2016.

They never ever admitted defeat let alone that they’d cease and desist from campaigning to overturn the #EURef verdict.

The grotesque menagerie of recidivist pro-EU parliamentary benchwarmers, miscellaneous academic experts and neoliberal shills has given vent to lies beyond the impudence of Goebbels in respect of such matters as the status of EU citizens in the UK.

History seems to be on the blink….


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