And So It Goes…#889

The headline MSM news across the UK on June 29 was that :-

Retired Court of Appeal judge Sir Martin Moore-Bick has been chosen to lead the public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire, the PM has said.

Sir Martin said he understood the “desire of local people for justice”, while Theresa May said “no stone will be left unturned” during the inquiry.

And as a disingenuous footnote the BBC website added :-

Grenfell resident Oluwaseun Talabi said victims were unhappy at not being involved in Sir Martin’s appointment.

The  BBC’s disingenuous footnote is indicative of the hastily contrived populist campaign of agitation instigated by Labour to run and manage the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower Disaster. Leading metropolitan elitist Labour figures,such as Mayor Sadiq Khan and MP for Tottenham David Lammy, have positioned themselves  at the forefront of hurling a plethora of unsubstantiated allegations and innuendo both at the government and Kensington council. Corbyn’s demagogue-manque histrionics at the previous PMQs was an  exemplary exercise in absurdist performance art. ” Austerity ” he pronounced, in essence was singularly to blame and was the raison d’etre for the Disaster itself. He asserted that had successive Tory governments not carried out massive public sector funding cuts then Grenfell would never have happened. This otiose cant had itself been articulated a few days earlier by Comrade McDonnell who claimed, without any recourse to reason,logic or empirical proof, that the victims of Grenfell had been murdered no less,by political decisions. Widespread bureaucratic hysteria seems to be the default response of local authorities as well as various departments within government and the civil service here in the UK,irrespective of the nature and extent of the particular  ” disaster ” at the time.It was ever thus.  Instructed by the Prime Minister to send samples of cladding on all tower blocks for forensic examination without delay, most local Councils failed spectacularly to even comply with this simple advice. Some Councils,notably the Labour run authority of Camden hastily evacuated four tower blocks and encountered grassroots reluctance and a measure of disobedience from hundreds of their tenants. Within hours of hitting the panic button,Camden Council had to admit that their initial safety audit of the said tower blocks revealed a monumental scandal of 1,000 fire safety doors gone missing. Naturally,Corbyn and his ideologically ill assorted  Labour confreres failed to attribute any institutional malevolence to this. And lest the entire MSM narrative becomes a work of meta fiction,the Prime Minister reminded the House of Commons that the legal requirement for Local Fire authority inspections of tower blocks was abolished  under the Blair government in 2005. Again another matter of fact that Corbyn and the other assailants against reason and common sense chose to let slip by.

So why weren’t  ” victims ” of the Grenfell disaster not involved in the appointment of the Inquiry’s chairman? Because all such appointments are always made by the Lord Chancellor. there we go with the facts ,again.



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