And So It Goes…#891

The other day in Warsaw,as a precursor to the scheduled G-20 summit being held in Hamburg the following day, President Trump made a speech. Whilst it was heralded in some quarters with varying degrees of anticipation, the symbolism was as cumbersome and telegraphed as any denouement in  third rate murder novel. Quite what Trump was trying to get across that was unique,remarkable or unexpected remains at best a mystery; then again perhaps he really wasn’t trying to do any of the aforementioned at all. Heavily underlined were the rather otiose notions of western values and civilisation and the will of the people. His actual audience on the spot in  the EU-subsidised satrapy were cohorts bussed in from the countryside by the ruling Law & Justice Party ( PIS  being there Polish acronym). And Trump’s speech writers really did seem to be taking the proverbial P,I,S. Russia was officially admonished for its support of the governments of Syria and Iran,as well as its own dealings and involvement in The Crimea and The Ukraine.None of which please the dominant NeoCons of Washington.Russia really is being most unhelpful. And that was about it, all to the sound of synchronised cheering. The allusions didn’t work; the hoped for referencing of Trump in Warsaw with Kennedy in Berlin,June 26 1963 let alone Reagan in Berlin 12 June 1987- was never going to happen either. the world isn’t actually holding its breath.Syria/Iraq.ISIS/Yemen/Qatar/Kurdistan/Libya/North Korea/Afghanistan will simply be allowed carry on. Anti-climax!!


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