And So It Goes…#894

” 2017 Party Membership Project finds 77% of Labour’s 560,000 members come from ABC1 social group and only 23% working class. Interesting.”

Approximately two-thirds of Labour voters backed Remain and about the same proportion of Conservative voters backed Leave. The problem as seen by Labour, is that one third of the electorate that Labour have always haughtily assumed are ” their ” voters.

That’s why the likes of Wakefield MP Mary Creagh along with 200 other pro-Remain Labour MPs ,even before the EU Referendum was announced early on June 24,2016,  fabricated the narrative that those voting Leave are in varying degrees -racist,xenophobic,ignorant,insular,stupid,backward,unsophisticated.uneducated. Not a solitary MP among that 200+ #LabourIn seditionist detritus has ever recanted those views.Not a single one of them.

It was only the gratuitously politically inept, organisationally incompetent,hare brained delusional half witttedness of Theresa May and her barmy Tory central office acolytes that in effect saved the careers of those 200+ #LabourIn metropolitan elitist EU shills from the proverbial well deserved Guillotine by calling for an unnecessary General Election  on June 8 2017.

From the son of Jack Straw callously weaponising the murder of their own colleague Jo Cox,to David Lammy inciting sedition and mob violence agianst the government from anti- brexit platforms; there is no murky recess of the political gutter that the Labour Party won’t stoop to in order to frustrate,sabotage,postpone or annul the sovereign and inalienable Will of the British Electorate as constitutionally expressed in the EU Referendum of 23 June 2016.

And I haven’t even mentioned the shill of shills Gina Miller who with the backing of International City legal shysterdom has also been instrumental in promoting the anti democratic seditionist schemes of the Labour Party.

#Brexit shall, on the balance of a very and increasingly precarious probability,succeed. Or maybe its Sans Culottes time after all.


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