And So It Goes…#896

Jeremy Corbyn used his appearance on the Andrew Marr show Sunday morning to pledge that any new policy would stop the “ wholesale importation of underpaid workers from Central Europe ”. This elicited a wave of hostile reactions particularly from the anti-brexit Remoaner dim witted Leftists who actually,contrary to accepted economic science, insist and promulgate their flat earth style theory that increased labour market competition increases wages.

The usual inquisitorial litany of charges they level at anyone advocating the end of the neoliberal EU’s  unrestricted freedom of movement consists of but isn’t limited to , xenophobia, racism, scapegoating of immigrants.

” Remoaners ” – whether of the left or right  -never even attempt to explain how increased labour market competition does actually drive up the general level of wages. The insidious and genuinely disturbing authoritarian rhetoric of the Remain campaign precludes dissent from their received wisdom.

A typical Trades Union constitution such as the UNITE Trade Union constitution ( 2011 ) is self-evidently in breach of the Leftoid/marxoid flat earthers’ fundamental principles. After all, how can any Trade union defend let alone improve wages and working conditions under the remorseless onslaught of unfettered unlimited immigration numbers? Real wages have been eroded these past 40 years and UK GDP has lain dormant since the crash of 2007/08.

2.1 The objects of the Union shall, so far as may be lawful, be:
2.1.1 To organise, recruit and represent workers, and strengthen workplace organisation to
achieve real union power for its members.
2.1.2 To defend and improve its members’ wages and working conditions…
2.1.3 To defend and improve the social and economic well-being of members and their

On that basis alone, Trades Unions have failed utterly and have became moribund and historically redundant since they demonstrably cannot or are unwilling to fulfill their own primary functions.

On a wider perspective, the national infrastructure of schools,hospitals and housing have all undergone unprecedented  additional pressures and subsequent shortages of availability. How can the authorities  either centrally or locally plan for and make adequate provision for their citizens if the authorities have absolutely no idea how many more people will  keep arriving.

Acknowledgement alone of these problems has for decades now been denounced as racist scapegoating of migrants. The bien pensants of metropolitan domiciled, Oxbridge doctrinaire elites and their subservient political class hirelings have dragged Society to the very edge of an unprecedented cataclysm,one that they appear to have every intention of triggering – the annulment of the EU Referendum Result ,the betrayal of Brexit.


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