And So It Goes…#897

The problems faced by those opposed to the UK’s departure from the EU are not my concern. It is axiomatic that nothing worthwhile can ever be achieved without pain and sacrifice. The restoration of the UK’s national sovereignty is precisely such a worthwhile undertaking and I am content for that necessary burden of pain and sacrifice to be shouldered exclusively by all those opposed to Brexit.  It goes some way to mitigating the shame and dishonour of our now 45 years long abject subjugation to the tyrannical despotism of the Franco-German European Union. The insidious,shrill demagoguey of the Remain campaign continues unabated. The metropolitan elitist led Remoaner rabble are still helmed by the 200+ Labour MPs who never rescinded their allegiance to the plainly seditionist #LabourIn ,who so unexpectedly lost out to the democratic will of the sovereign Electorate,something that took them and their sinister globalist corporate confederates completely by surprise on June 23 2016. carried the black propaganda headline , ” Even Immigrant Managers Fear Brexit These Days “.

Like we should even give a f***. The gist of the Remoaner stance being summed in the Bloomberg article up by :-

” The potential departure of EU migrants means tough times ahead for countless British businesses, including Traditional Norfolk Poultry, one of the companies Bloomberg is tracking through the Brexit process. Set in rolling farmland in East Anglia, the company relies heavily on migrant labor to oversee the farming and processing of more than 5 million turkeys and chickens every year. And it depends on people like Migut to recruit and manage workers who often don’t speak much, if any, English.

 “It’s getting worse and worse. We just can’t find people,” said Mark Gorton, the company’s co-founder. “They’re just not there to recruit.”

Gorton says he and his staff talk about trying to hire more Brits at their weekly meetings, but they can’t even find enough east Europeans to fill vacancies. He tries to move workers off of the minimum wage—7.50 pounds ($9.80) an hour—as soon as he can to retain staff. He’s done away with the requirement that all workers speak English as he struggles to find people.”

Even the dumbest Leftist, Another Europe is Possible, marxist-manque ought by this late stage acknowledge the efficacy of the iron law of economics;supply and demand. Capitalists are forced against their own ideological prejudices and personal consciences to actually increase their offer on wages in a vain attempt to attract the necessary numbers of workers.They can of course brutalise and exploit those workers later, on other terms and conditions once they’ve got them to swallow the bait on remuneration. It was ever thus. 40 years of stagnant and declining levels of real wages, the rapid cancerous spread of Zero Hours precarious casualised employment are inextricably linked to ever increasing levels of globalisation. None of which is ever in the interests of the workers.Neither is the EU pantomime of  ” freedom of movement of labour “. A heretofore one country’s jobless becomes several other countries’ problem in so far as the jobless mendicants from Latvia,Lithuania,Romania,Bulgaria, Poland’s moribund dysfunctional economies have displaced those who would otherwise have been employed in ,for example,the UK.The aggregate total of officially 30,000,000 jobless throughout the EU remains undisturbed; the Titanic continues to founder,only the deckchairs have been rearranged.


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