And So It Goes…#898

I’m sure some famous,infamous,oft-quoted Chinese general wrote something along the lines of, the purpose of warfare is to convince the enemy in their own minds that they cannot win. And of course it was an irascible Lutheran Prussian general whose maxim that, War is the continuation of politics by other means, strikes an all too familiar chord today.

Once Article 50 was promulgated by Parliament,the metropolitan elitist organised and led Remain campaign knew that their anti-democratic, seditionist cause was on the ropes and facing imminent collapse.Politics is war and the sinister forces of globalist-neoliberalism were never very likely to accept the verdict of the Judiciary and Parliament let alone as well as a binding referendum on the matter. Their best and only hope lies in a continuation by any and all means,however subversive and destabilising,of the conflict ensuring that the war over #brexit goes on.

Even the now lawful triggering of Article 50 that set in motion a defined two year timeframe for withdrawal negotiations- no agreements being reached after the set two years would mean the UK exiting the EU and going immediately onto WTO rules for Trade- even that has now been called into question by the very metropolitan and shadowy foreign interest groups and organisations that insisted on everyone abiding by and adhering to Article 50.

The MSM and other social media platforms are abuzz with newly engendered,fevered speculation over the synthesised concept of  a ” Transition Period “. And this from those supposedly leading on brexit. Cliff edges,hard brexit, labour shortages,here ,there and everywhere throughout the national economy are now the weapons of mass deception being deployed on a rapidly recurring hourly basis by Remain.

A few days ago it was sounding the trumpets of doom on a shortage of agricultural labourers ; today its the George Osborne edited London Standard on waiting and bar staff. :-

” Brexit is causing a crisis in the hiring of bar and restaurant workers, a top hospitality boss has warned.

Leslie Kwarteng, a senior general manager at three of central London’s most popular restaurants, said it is becoming increasingly difficult to hire waiting on and bar staff since the Brexit vote.

The 29-year-old runs the iconic Quaglino’s restaurant in the heart of London’s Mayfair, rooftop venue Madison, which has terraces looking out onto St Paul’s Cathedral, and swanky eatery and lounge bar 100 Wardour Street in Soho. ”

Clearly,the tried and trusted capitalistic method of offering higher wages and improved working conditions has yet to occur to this particular denizen of the squalid,wheedling,greedy,corrupt sector of congenitally incompetent and arrogant UK bosses and business leaders.

The shame is that no-one on the democratic populist side who actually won the Referendum has ever read,nor would be perhaps even capable of understanding the works of Macchiavelli or Clausewitz or that Chinese general.

In any given situation,the most determined wins.



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