And So It Goes…#901

Nothing signifies the utter,crass stupidity of  the USA’s  infantile,venal militaristic posturing than the current on going and seemingly escalating spat with the DPRK ( North Korea ).

The Byzantine convolutions and convulsions of Washington DC domestic politics aside, it would in theory have to take the US Congress to actually declare War,were it so inclined to do so over this latest hissy fit of theirs.

Not that the highly inconvenient constitutional necessity has ever impeded Neocon psychopaths from gerrymandering contentious and mainly bogus UN security council resolutions that allow the Pentagon a smoke and mirrors loophole to go ahead and wreak havoc on a historically unprecedented scale – Yugoslavia, Iraq (twice),Afghanistan,Libya,Syria.

President Trump’s Hollywood-manque poorly scripted, sub-Churchillian rhetoric about fire and fury,yatta-ta-yatta is of itself not terribly enlightening other than it helps to highlight another facet of this entire useless,burdensome farrago of the US chucking the teddy out of its pram.The undiplomatic verbiage has even managed to upset John McCain, the terminally ill warmonger,neocon hawk supreme and soon to be ex-senator from Arizona.

The deep, deep state of CIA,career military and political thin tank neocons do crave for wanton carnage and global instability as long as it seems to favour US corporate interests long term. The spat with the DPRK doesn’t accord with the preconceptions of their playbook and so it isn’t welcome.

Which is worrying for them; ever since a Heritage Foundation report from 2013 concluded that the US ruling elites and their military-industrial complex are no longer capable of fighting a two front war.  Read and enjoy :-

Today’s military is too small to meet the two-MRC test credibly. Moreover, the qualitative advantage that the U.S. military has long enjoyed is eroding as advanced military capabilities proliferate around the world. The capabilities of U.S. forces are also deteriorating as platforms and systems age and as critical modernization programs are delayed or even cancelled.

Building a two-MRC force for the 21st century means increasing the size of the U.S. military, modernizing existing platforms and systems, and investing in advanced air, sea, and land capabilities. This will require resources above the levels proposed by the Obama Administration. Over the next decade, building a reasonable two-MRC force for the 21st century will cost roughly $70 billion more per year than the projected cost of the current defense program, which averages approximately $550 billion per year.

Section I: What It Takes to Be a Military Superpower

Since the end of the Cold War, the United States has measured the fundamental adequacy of its force posture in terms of the ability of U.S. forces, without national mobilization, to defeat two nation-state adversaries in geographically separate theaters nearly simultaneously. From the time it was first articulated in 1991, the two-theater-war standard has undergone repeated reviews and revisions. The fundamental reason that the two-theater-war standard still survives is because no credible alternative has ever been proposed. Senior decision makers across five Administrations, Republican and Democrat, have been unable to avoid the reality that, in a world of continuing globalization and growing political and military uncertainty, the U.S. needs a military that is large enough and has a sufficient range of capabilities to cover multiple major military contingencies in overlapping time frames.


No-one will be bombing anyone anytime soon,unless,of course there are those too stupid to comprehend what really is at stake were they to act so precipitously.

The term  ” Schadenfreude ” seems appropriate at this juncture.


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