And So It Goes…#902

Amid all the fabricated chaos,convulsions and confusion engendered by the seditionist agitators of the – 48%, Remain ,Stronger in Europe,Open Britain,Campaign or whatever else they choose to call themselves on any given day, there is one over-arching certainty; the general atmosphere of vituperative public discourse is highly unlikely to dissipate the nearer we get to actual #brexit in March 2019.

That said, we glean from the BBC news site :-

” Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Mr Hammond and Mr Fox said the UK definitely would leave both the customs union and the single market when it exits the EU in March 2019.

They said a “time-limited” transition period would “further our national interest and give business greater certainty” – but warned it would not stop Brexit.  ”

It is heartening indeed that the Chancellor and the International Trade Secretary have found so much common ground. It bears an uncanny resemblance to those very same basic tenets of the Leave campaign in the EU Referendum in 2016.

Of course this is Britain,so even the theoretical notion that something will actually ever get done by those in power in accordance with the Will of the people as expressed for instance, in a referendum that all parties agree beforehand the result of which will in effect be binding is far more problematic.

We can all plainly see that from the present on going,seemingly interminable imbroglio.

But two prominent members of HMG’s Cabinet espousing the same line? You can never tell.

Hell, the Reformation got carried out for the most part,and the Civil War a century or so later pretty much succeeded also.So leaving the EU aka brexit may actually eventuate.


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